Zicaffè News

Aug 28


 The event, already at the third edition, is organized and carried out the study Stardust * International study of architecture and contemporary arts (Spain,Italy, Brasil, Syria)  with Elisava School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona (Spain) and aims to propose alternative models of reuse of the territory Marsala.

In each edition, which takes place on an annual basis, the workshop chooses a territorial resource like Marsala territory  with the intent to promote it.
2012 EAC wants to work on the idea of ​​"limit" that is not 'just geographically between the countries of the Arab Spring and the European union in economic and political crisis, but also a cultural landmark.
The island, which for centuries was a place of  comparison between these cultures, there is a crossroads between them and it shows with the stones of archeology, with military bases are still active and decisive recently and with the fields "host "the coast, where at times calling those who are more numerous than the inhabitants (Lampedusa).
The place "the Hangar of Pier Luigi Nervi" are the ideal place to address this year's theme for their history, the need to enhance them and to return them to the city.
The Zicaffè will be present for the main  event by offering  our  espresso coffee and a nice gift to all the partecipants.