Zicaffè News

Jan 8


The company has always supported and promoted contemporary art by collaborating with successful and rising artists.

This year Zicaffè decided to support different events among which different contemporary art exhibits.

The art exhibit “ratio et obsessio” will be inaugurated on Saturday, January 16th 2016 and will be open until February 14th at the monastery Santo Spirito in Nola.

The artworks of Mario Schifano, italian artist who is among the most appreciated artists at an international level, will be exhibited during this art exhibit.

The exhibition will trace the artist’s production of artworks from the Seventies until its death in 1998.

The initiative, organized by Pasquale Lettieri, Ermengildo Frioni and Marcello Palminteri, is promoted and sponsored by the local administration represented by the mayor Geremia Biancardi and the councillor for culture Cinzia Trinchese.

The interest of Zicaffè for art is based on its strong connection with culture as an ideal which finds its expression within the contemporary art and its different forms.