Zicaffè News

Jun 16


Once more Zicaffè focuses on coffee education and the diffusion of espresso culture.

 The idea of Zicaffè’s coffee education program, which the company organizes already for several years in different foreign countries, is to promote high quality espresso by educating about espresso.

Zicaffè believes that a high quality espresso does not only depend on the quality of green coffee and the roasting process but also on the know-how of who is preparing espresso.

In collaboration with Mumac Academy, Academy Cimbali for coffee machines, Zicaffè will organize a training course dedicated to the Italian espresso culture.

The courses are divided into a theoretical part and an applied part during which the participants will prepare different cappuccinos. 

This coffee education program for coffee professionals is based on different topics: coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte art and coffee equipment. The course is organized at Zicaffè’s headquarters and is for coffee professionals and coffee lovers who want to discover what’s behind a cup of espresso.