Feb 6


The project,supported by the Zicaffe company, has the aim to transform a container ship into a floating hospital in order to

give prompt medical, social and humanitarian help to those people affected by natural calamities which are,nowadays, more

and more frequent and violent.

The Hospital ship operates moored in a pre-arranged harbour which has been chosen for geographic and strategic reasons,and

if this cannot be arranged the ship is moored along a more suitable coastal or fluvial area. In this way, a group of

trained and well organized doctors can easily reach the mainland and work there, following targeted programmes, specific

requests or possible necessities required by local partners, such as missionaries, local institutions and governors.

Thanks to this project called "A mission for Madagascar " schools were built in remote villages, medical and dental clinics

set up, water pipes and wells for water made, medical equipment purchased and health centers were born. Besides, several

containers of humanitarian aid were sent, and some very poor families helped and supported.

Zicaffe renews its commitment towards projects of social responsability for humanitarian purposes being among the

benefactors of this mission.




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