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A coffee history

The history of Zicaffè begins in 1929, when the coffee lover Vito Zichittella decides to turn his passion for coffee into a business and opens a small roastery in the city centre of Marsala.
Soon his coffee became famous in Sicily for the incredible aroma and crema of Vito’s secret blend. The following generations of the family Zichittella have continued to run the business with the same passion as its founder Vito.

Innovation and tradition

We combine artisanal experience and up-to-date technology in order to ensure the higest quality, as well as food safety and environmental sustainability. This is our manufacturing philosophy..

The whole production cycle, from coffee sorting to packing, is managed by computers and supervised by our specialized staff.
The manufacturing process has been granted environmental certification such as ISO 14001, as well as quality certifications such as ISO 22000, Kosher and BRC food safety standard.

The cradle of aroma and taste

We import the best green beans directly from coffee producing countries, selecting uniform and wet-processed beans.
We constantly monitor quality and taste of the imported coffee beans. Each single origin is strictly controlled and taste is verified with a sensorial analysis of a tasting panel.

During roasting process the coffee beans undergo a complete transformation. Sugars caramelize, cellulose carbonize, volatile compounds which creates aroma are generated.
Hot air technology used by our roasting equipment allows an homogeneous roasting. After roasting beans are forced cooled down.

Zicaffè regularly organizes coffee courses, in order to involve more deeply baristas, consumers, and coffee lovers into the world of coffee.
Courses cover several topics: coffee plants, coffee processing, roasting, extraction and equipment maintenance.
We also train participants to learn professional coffee tasting.
All participants receive a certification.

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