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Fine Merchandise

Zicaffè supports his partners by providing a complete range of merchandise, matching with our company image. Thus allowing shop customization and creating brand awareness.
The merchandise line includes: espresso and cappuccino cups, accessories, signboards, panels and professional outfit.

Espresso and cappuccino cups are made of fine porcelain, in both modern and classic design, and are designed to maintain crema and aroma. Glass espresso and cappuccino cups allow to see the thickness and persistence of the crema.

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We provide a complete line of ancillary products for customizing coffee shops: cup-shaped sugar bowls, ash-trays, glasses, serviette holders, serving trays, teapots and so on.

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Beautiful and functional. These are the features of the accessories we provide to coffee shops and partners: mirrors, clocks and frames. Each item has been designed to customize your shop and increase the brand awareness.

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Zicaffè provides signboars for customize your shop. Both for indoor and outdoor, with light or in plexiglass. To fit any ambience with style.
For outdoor spaces we also provide umbrellas of various sizes.

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Zicaffè professional outfit is practical, comfortable and made of 100% cotton. Having staff wearing the same Zicaffè uniform with give a touch of style to your shop. The list includes polo t-shirts, aprons of various sizes and hats.

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