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Zicaffè Academy


Your coffee expert

Zicaffè’s customers are always supported in their business, both in terms of coffee education and business performance.
In turn, their customers become the key of success.
All the courses we organize aim to let customers understand the features of coffees, extraction methods, in order to guarantee consistency of espresso quality

Italian Espresso

The true Italian Espresso has unique taste and aroma, and these features make it unique. Educating professional about Italian Espresso features is a crucial part of our training.

Technical Assistance

In order to get a great espresso, it is very important to have a basic technical knowledge of coffee machines, as well as set up for brewing espresso, machine operations and regular maintenance.

Cappuccino and Latte art

A great cappuccino requires a great espresso and correctly frothed milk. Latte art would be the cherry over the cake. Zicaffè holds latte art training at two levels: basic and advanced. Participants are certified through Latte Art Grading System (LAGS).

About coffee plant

Our courses provide knowledge about the coffee plant and all its different varieties, cultivation, harvesting and processing. And how each origin contributes to taste as a component of a coffee blend.

Sensorial analysis

We train students on coffee organoleptic features, extraction parameters and sensorial analysis. Thus the student will be able to evaluate espresso in a professional way.

Coffee brewing

We provide knowledge and training about filter coffee brewing, teaching techniques and parameters (infusion time, temperature, turbulence).

Coffee cupping

Coffee cupping has become more and more popular nowadays. Zicaffè provides training on how to perform it using all senses, in order to evaluate bitterness, acidity, body and aroma in a cup of coffee.