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Advertising – The Art of Espresso


Unique advertising campaigns

Our communication style matches creativity with company image, by conceiving advertising campaigns which are original and addictive. Both for our historical campaigns and for the latest one, The Art of Espresso.

The art of espresso is our latest campaign, which matches, the art of painting and the one of making espresso, by utilizing pictorial style of master painters of the ‘900

Six themes in various format, which can be used for customizing your shop, inspired by well know pictorial style of the past century.

Pictures are inspired by the style of Picasso (cubism), Klee and Kandinskij (abstractionism), Pollock (action painting), Balla (futurism) And Mirò (surrealism).

The espresso cup in these pictures becomes a sublime work of art, the same art that Zicaffè pours into creating espresso blends for almost a century.

We target diffent users using the most popular social media, both the digital ones such as Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram as well as the traditional such as press and billboards.