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Passion for coffee since 1929

The history of Zicaffè begins in 1929, when the coffee lover Vito Zichittella decides to turn his passion for coffee into a business and opens a small roastery in the city centre of Marsala. Soon his coffee became famous in Sicily for the incredible aroma and crema of Vito’s secret blend.

We import the best green beans directly from coffee producing countries, selecting notably uniform and wet-processed beans without natural impurities. We constantly monitor quality and taste of the imported coffee beans.

Zicaffè’s production process is a combination of artisan knowledge and the up-to-date technologies, which work hand in hand to achieve coffee excellence.

We put the utmost care on the stages of blending and roasting, as they are the most important parts of the production process, and they define the quality of coffee.

Zicaffè’s coffee blends are the result of a real art, representing the intense aromatic profile and the high quality of an authentic Italian Espresso.

The art of coffee tasting is a complex discipline, which requires the analysis of different sensations: visual, olfactory, taste and aftertaste. And it allows to recognize various components of the aroma, to appreciate the differences in taste between coffee blends.

A perfect coffee has a rich aromatic profile with various notes of aromas, tastes, colours and sensations, which result in an intense coffee pleasure.

Coffee is marvelous drink, which is intriguing to discover. Starting from its origin on a coffee plant till its benefits.

The true Italian Espresso is worldwide known for its unparalleled features, which is full of history, legends curiosity and interesting facts.